Book Review: Welcome to the Dark House

Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarz.  Published July 22nd, 2014 by Disney-Hyperion.

Blurb from Goodreads:

What’s your worst nightmare?

For Ivy Jensen, it’s the eyes of a killer that haunt her nights. For Parker Bradley, it’s bloodthirsty sea serpents that slither in his dreams.

And for seven essay contestants, it’s their worst nightmares that win them an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at director Justin Blake’s latest, confidential project. Ivy doesn’t even like scary movies, but she’s ready to face her real-world fears. Parker’s sympathetic words and perfect smile help keep her spirits up. . . at least for now.

Not everyone is so charming, though. Horror-film fanatic Garth Vader wants to stir up trouble. It’s bad enough he has to stay in the middle of nowhere with this group—the girl who locks herself in her room; the know-it-all roommate; “Mister Sensitive”; and the one who’s too cheery for her own good. Someone has to make things interesting.

Except, things are already a little weird. The hostess is a serial-killer look-alike, the dream-stealing Nightmare Elf is lurking about, and the seventh member of the group is missing.

By the time Ivy and Parker realize what’s really at stake, it’s too late to wake up and run.

My take:

Welcome to the Dark House was a really fun, and somewhat scary read. I really enjoyed it. At first I had a little trouble keeping all of the characters straight, but they each have their own unique voice, and once you get a feel for who they are, you can easily keep track of who is who. The chapters are divided by differing points of view from each of the characters, and that makes it easier to keep track of who is who as well. The characters were well flushed out, though some of them were not good people. I had favorites, and I think the reader is meant to like some more than others. I knew right away that this trip was not going to go well for any of them. I was excited to see how things would play out, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is just a really good and fun book to read. Great for the Halloween season, which is why I picked it up in the first place, to get in that Halloween mood. It’s a little scary, I guess, but not too bad. It’s mostly just a quick, fun read. I’d compare it to watching a slasher movie, but in book form, which is so much better, of course! If you’re looking for something to give you a little scare or get your adrenaline pumping, this would be a good book to choose.  This book has a sequel, which I plan to read soon.  I hope it’s good too and answers some lingering questions.

Creep Factor: 7

4 Stars


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